Config- or Admin-Server decision

In the GRAVITY server may serve as a standalone config server (for the browser plugins configuration) or in combination with the rest of the GRAVITY admin functionality. Please see the plugin configuration and DNS setup to point to your on premise GRAVITY config server.

Three variations are possible:

  • Standalone GRAVITY Admin server (Config will be done through the public config server at Can be set in the Admin UI as ‘Default'.

  • Standalone GRAVITY Config server (Needed for on premise browser plugin configuration). Can be set in the Admin UI as ‘Config endpoint'.

  • Combination of GRAVITY Admin and Config server. On server in a on premise environment has both functionality in one services combined. Can be set in the Admin UI as ‘All'.

The required mode can be set in the GRAVITY admin interface: Settings → Admin Site → UI mode

Programmatically initializing

The setup of the desired variation is done during setup of the app service. To choose the configuration you have to configure the file:

1 BOOT-INF\classes\public\admin\assets\config\params.json

to get access to this file the server's .jar file can be temporary renamed to '.zip'. Use the following configuration options:

1 2 3 4 5 configEndpoint=true //show only items related to config endpoint configEndpoint=false //show only items NOT related to config endpoint configEndpoint is missing //show all menu items