Application configuration

  • Application type must be set to 'Salesforce' to support automatic user authentication.

Site Configuration


  • Default configuration can used

Site mapping

  • Any type of mapping depending on the use-case but “Allow CSP“ must be activated.

Hotspot mapping

  1. .[^/]+(/lightning/r/.[^/]+/).[^/]+(/view)

  • Default ABSOLUTE mapping



Tab JS Control

In some places SalesForce uses a control to display tabs. GRAVITY hotspots can be placed here but if a user switches content (such as accounts or opportunities) the hotspots are not displayed anymore.

The reason is that Salesforce don’t replaces the content of that control. In fact, the old control (with the old data) is still available on the site (just hidden) and a new control with the same content data is loaded. Therefore, GRAVITY waits until the old control (who is still on that site but hidden) is displayed for the user - what obviously will never happen.

If you press refresh on your browser, the hotspots will appear correctly. But for some uses cases that behavior is not good enough. Therefore, we raised that control as a limitation.

Tab JS Control

If you need to place hotspots in that control, use the following setting for the best experience: In edit mode, step 2 – Appearance, set the hotspot to “Always wait for callout target”.

Tab JS Control - Appearance setting