The idea behind audiences is to limit the visibility of a callout/hotspot to certain users. You can build audiences manually or by a rule set.

How to build an audience

Audiences are built globally at GRAVITY admin site.

If an audience is created, two ways of building the audience are available: by ‘Members’ or by ‘Auto mapping’.

In the ‘Members’ tab, users can be manually selected and assigned to an audience. In the tab ‘Auto mapping’, multiple rules can be created to assign users based on their login ID. To described the rule use Regular Expressions. The expression:


adds every user (.) except for the empty IDs (*) with the mail domain “” to the audience. Such “placeholders” can be used everywhere.

How to assign audiences to a callout/hotspot

To assign audiences your user needs to have the GRAVITY role ‘GOAL_OWNER’ assigned.

Audiences can be assigned in two ways:
On Callout level: in the extended tab “Goals & Tasks” use the drop-down list “Visible for groups”.

On Goal level: in the Goal’s setting use the drop-down list ‘Audience’ to assign all callouts in the Goal to an audience.