gravity.publicMulti Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication

Since GRAVITY version 1.14.x Multi Factor Authentication can be activated and in SaaS and On Premise scenarios. The possibility to activate Multi-Factor Authentication is added to admin site. It can be found under Settings → Admin site.

Once activated each admin user is required to install an Authenticator app, once scan QR code and then use generated one-time passwords for each login.

After the first login to the admin site users are asked to generate the key with there authenticator app. The login screen propose to use:

  • Authy

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • Google Authenticator

After the creation of the keys, at the next login, the admin site just askes for the “one-time password”.

If a user has lost/replaced his authenticator device the key can be deleted and will be recreated by the next login. Navigate to the user list and edit appropriate user. You will find a button in his profile to “Reset Multi-Factor Authentication.