Release Notes

Version 1.16.1 - 15.8.2022

Bug fixes

  • Improved automatic authentication on Microsoft Dynamics sites

  • Improved automatic authentication on Cornerstone sites

  • Fixes of logging of client-side errors

  • Fix for content language selection for Information callouts


Version 1.16.0 - 18.7.2022

New product features

Configurable chain of hotspot placement algorithms

With the beginning of GRAVITY Version 1.16 you cannot no longer assign one algorithm to one site. Instead, you can now add all algorithms to a site and define to order in which they should be applied if GRAVITY cannot find an element anymore. The algorithm chips can be reordered and checked, respectively unchecked, if you do not need a specific algorithm.

You will find the new algorithm function on the General Tab for each site.

Hints for target elements which work better as Workflow steps targets

If GRAVITY sees an element that could be uses as a workflow step with “Mouse click” we display it to you if you move your mouse over such an element. If you then decide to create a workflow step, we automatically set the Navigation to “Mouse click only”. Adding Workflows step will be clearer and faster since we can predict what will be the best configuration for the selected element.


Possibility to search for single callouts from the Dashboard

The search function in the dashboard now looks up single callouts as well.


A new default Dashboard search filter 'this Page'

To support the extended search function in Version 1.16 we introduce a new filter that shows help content on “this Page”. Prior to this version we used ‘this site’ to display what was on the actual site the user was looking on. From 1.16 on, we differentiate now between what you see on the open page ‘this Page’ and what is available on the entire site ‘this Site’. Which is within the boundaries of the site configuration in the GRAVITY admin site. While ‘this App’ might contains more sites the one.


Automatic authentication on ServiceNow sites

Now GRAVITY supports the user authentication (for Security level 0) on ServiceNow applications. The ServiceNow User Sync can be activated when the application type is set to ‘ServiceNow’.

Product improvements

  • Fade mode keeps hotspots fully visible

  • Added possibility to check that GRAVITY is already loaded on a page

  • Added support of JSF applications with delayed loading of 'body' element

  • Navigation from Dashboard is now allowed only for elements with static/calculated target URL

  • Modified Dashboard UI with collapsible filter panel

  • Improved hotspot placement for target elements containing long text

  • Optimization & improvements of hotspot placement algorithms

  • Rendered callout disappears if target element is no longer available/visible on the page

  • Support of private/protected Vimeo videos

  • Performance optimization of calculation of statistics

  • Performance optimization of searching & loading of callouts


Bug fixes

  • Fixes for issues with saving of callouts with embedded code

  • Fix for missing highlighting of elements with the specific styles applied

  • Improved isolation of styles of text editors inside of Ring Menu

  • Fixed delayed loading of GRAVITY inside of Microsoft Dynamics IFrames

  • Fix for automatically generated mouse click events which might have impact on target applications

  • Fixes for UI glitches of Goals panel

  • Fixes for Workflow visibility issues

  • Fixes for rendering of callouts in preview mode


Version 1.15.0 - 11.4.2022

New product features

Language Variations

There are situations when GRAVITY can’t find the correct element in multi languages environment. To overcome that issue, GRAVITY provided “Aliases” for such cases. With version 1.15 we provide a clean and intuitive way to assign such multilanguage hotspots.

Once activated, callouts in the hotspot collector can be assigned to another element on the site. Just right click and choose “Attach as language variation”, select the correct element and right click again, select “Paste as language variation”.

The Multi Language variations menu can be activated on site level.

New Workflow Option – Mouse click only

A new option is added to navigate to the next workflow step via click on site's element only. If that option is selected, the “next arrow” is removed and the message “click on the item” is displayed. So you can describe the action in the callout and then refer to it on the workflow step.

To select this option, navigate in the workflow step to edit step #2 and select “Mouse click only” in the “Navigation” drop down.

Always open at once

A new option is added to always open callouts regardless of their 'tracked' state. As a Goal Owner, you can now define those callouts who are marked as “open at once” will always automatically open. That applies even when the user has seen it already. That allows use cases where you want to display governance information at any time.


Hide the "Hotspot Collector"

In Version 1.15 we added the possibility to hide “hotspot collector” in Edit Mode. If an author has a lot of elements in the hotspot collector and can’t see what is behind the collector, he might close it now. If the edit mode is deactivated and reactivated again. The “hotspot collector” is displayed again.

Callout type is now visible in Edit Mode

In Edit Mode the authors now see what kind of callout they are editing. And NO, you can’t change the type right now. But you anticipated correctly, the radio buttons will be working shortly.

Automatic authentication on Microsoft Dynamics sites

Now GRAVITY supports the user authentication (for Security level 0) on the Microsoft Dynamics application. The Microsoft Dynamics User Sync can be activated when the application type is set to “Dynamics”.

Product improvements

  • Hotspot placement algorithms are updated to use element labels as potential anchors

  • New implementation of alert dialogs

  • Improved usability of Ring Menu & hotspot collector on small iFrames

  • Optimization and improvements of hotspot placement algorithms

  • New implementation of confirmation dialogs

  • Improvements to better support Microsoft Dynamics sites

  • Improved UI of hotspot collector in Edit mode

  • Improvements of 'Debug' mode output

  • Automatic user authentication on new versions of SAP SuccessFactors sites

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with collector which might lead to duplication of 'Global' hotspots shown there on iFrame-based sites

  • Fixed an issue with styles isolation of 'Goals & Tasks' Ring Menu items and on Dashboard panel

  • Deactivated drag and drop function for hotspots rendered in the collector

  • Fixed an issue with calculation of site identifier on DOMAIN-activated sites

  • Fixed an issue which prevented displaying of GRAVITY context menu on some elements

  • Fixed format for dates shown in Ring Menu and Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue with wrong encoding of description field in specific cases

  • Fixed an issue which caused reset of Audience assignment while changing of hotspot position

  • Fix for missing hotspots in User mode on sites with nested iFrames