Release Notes - actual version

Version 1.23.0 – October 2023

New product features

'Quick Navigation' Callout Content Type

We're excited to announce a new feature in GRAVITY - the 'Quick Navigation' Callout Content Type. This innovative feature is designed to revolutionize your app navigation and enrich the user experience.

With 'Quick Navigation', GRAVITY-Callouts can be created incorporating a maximum of five buttons, all providing quick access to key components within the application. Not only do these buttons guide users seamlessly through the app, but they can also be stylized effortlessly. Users can leverage dynamically and harmonically calculated colors or opt for manually adjusting them to comply with specific brand guidelines.

Moreover, the flexibility provided by 'Quick Navigation' extends to app authors as well. They can design default settings for new users or curate overview callouts to influence user navigation effectively.

Our new 'Quick Navigation' Callout Content Type aims to simplify app navigation, facilitating an intuitive and efficient user experience throughout GRAVITY-powered applications.

Support for Inline URLs in Callout Text


Our latest upgrade to GRAVITYs Rich Text editor is the support for inline URLs in Callout text.

With the integration of this feature, GRAVITY Authors can now seamlessly embed URLs into any text within the Rich Text Editor of every Callout in GRAVITY. This capability opens a wide range of possibilities, paving the way for a more interconnected and resourceful in-app experience.

Whether you're aiming to link multiple websites, attach documents, or incorporate a host of references within a Callout, the Support for Inline URLs in Callout Text makes it a breeze. Users can instantly access resources directly, saving time and increasing efficiency.

This feature allows GRAVITY Authors to make each callout a gateway to knowledge and information.

Introducing "Configurable Hotspot Size"


The Configurable Hotspot Size allows users to define the size of Hotspots on each site, ensuring a perfect fit in any designated space. Moreover, with the advanced settings in edit mode (accessed by pressing the 'G' key while clicking on step 2 in GRAVITY edit mode), users can precisely adjust the size of individual Hotspots to create a tailored experience.

This added customization empowers GRAVITY authors to better adapt each Hotspot to suit the space available while maintaining ease of use. The "Configurable Hotspot Size" enhances both functionality and aesthetics within any GRAVITY-powered app, providing authors and readers alike with a premium experience.

Product improvements

  • Performance optimization of Hotspots placement

  • Reduced count of server requests for better performance

  • Allowed direct switch from Edit mode to Dashboard

  • Support of Shadow DOM is activated by default

  • Dynamically calculated Z-Indexes for Hotspots

  • Autologin on Microsoft 365 applications

  • Dynamically calculated Z-Indexes for Hotspots

Bug fixes

  • Fix for potentially wrong UI language in Preview mode

  • Fixed ordering of elements in the Callout Hub

  • Fix for URL watcher in Edit mode

  • Fix for persistence of last user mode state

  • Other minor UI and performance fixes