Release Notes - actual version

This site is no longer updated. Please see the actual documentation for the GRAVITY Release Plan: Releases and Plans - GRAVITY Documentation

Version 1.25.2 – February 2024


Product improvements

  • Tracking of Long-running Requests: We've introduced new monitoring capabilities to track the performance of long-running requests. This will enable a more responsive and efficient processing environment.

  • Improved Caching Strategy for Inject Scripts: Our revised caching strategy is designed to optimize the loading time of inject scripts, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Bug fix

  • Fix for Incorrect Display of Numbered Lists in Callout Content: We've addressed and resolved an issue that affected the proper display of numbered lists within Callout content, ensuring your data is presented accurately.

Version 1.25.0 – January 2024

New product features

Checking the On-screen Visibility of Hotspots in Edit Mode

The latest version of GRAVITY now includes a feature which allows you to check the on-screen visibility of Hotspots in Edit mode. This function is designed to enhance your user experience, and aid in the efficient positioning and organization of your hotspots on the screen. With this feature, GRAVITY ensures that you will never lose a Hotspot.

Hotspots can’t disappear no longer in edit mode


We're intensifying our user experience by incorporating GRAVITY into itself, beginning with an English language release. More languages will follow in subsequent launches.

Take advantage of our new, comprehensive documentation platform alongside GRAVITY-4-GRAVITY. Designed to demystify the vast GRAVITY universe, it's available at GRAVITY Documentation.

These advancements reaffirm our commitment to deliver an enhanced experience to our users, and we eagerly await your feedback.

Barycenter Application: A New Home for Statistics

In our effort to continually improve and refine our user interface, GRAVITY has introduced the Barycenter application – a new home for statistics. Barycenter comes with an intuitive design and easy navigation that allows users to easily access and understand statistical information. From the first interaction, Barycenter is designed to provide you with useful insights at your fingertips. The Barycenter is accessible from the Callout Hub. Read more on the Barycenter!


Telemetry Statistics (Beta)

We’re proud to present our new feature - Telemetry Statistics (Beta). This is an in-depth data tracker aimed to provide users with valuable insights about their usage of the GRAVITY software. Whether you are troubleshooting for issues, looking to improve your workflow or simply curious about your usage patterns, the Telemetry Statistics feature can provide you with the information you're looking for. The Telemetry Statistics feature is currently in its Beta stage, and we welcome feedback for further improvements. Read more on GRAVITY Telemetry.


Product improvements

  • Performance optimization of Hotspots loading from database

  • Improved integration with Shadow DOM-based elements & sites

Bug fixes

  • Fix for element selectors with special characters

  • Fix for Callout opening on scrolling

  • Fix for context menu styles isolation

  • Fixes for unexpected Callout rendering on switching mode

  • Fix for invalid Callout size on small screens

  • Fix for 'Goals&Tasks' panel visibility for non-Goal owner users

  • Fix text decoding on 'Add to Workflow' screen