How to collect debug information

In case GRAVITY does not load or some Callouts are not displayed where they are expected, collecting debug information might help us to understand the reason.

1. Activate debug mode for GRAVITY extension, if extension is used.

1.1. Open extension’s settings page

Edge: extension://cagndfididnledjnakfhigdkjkmiamlf/options/options.html
Chrome: chrome-extension://pmpdmhggccibpajfnllimbmflgkpoaml/options/options.html

1.2. Click on the blue panel to expand all the settings

1.3. Enable verbose logging

2. Activate debug mode for GRAVITY, if GRAVITY control is shown on a page

2.1. Open a page where GRAVITY is used

2.3. Press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <D> on keyboard and confirm activation of the debug mode


3. Open browser’s developer console on 'Console' tab






4. Collect logs

4.1. Reload the page

4.2. Switch GRAVITY 'ON' if it switched off (if GRAVITY control is loaded)

5. Save and send collected logs

5.1. Right-click anywhere on the Console tab and save the collected console logs to a file.


5.3. Send log files to us.

6. Deactivate debug modes

6.1 Deactivate debug modes for GRAVITY and for extension in the same way as you activated them.