Workflow step URL can’t be calculated

GRAVITY can't calculate where the next workflow step should be. If that happened, content authors, see error message and GRAVITY can’t proceed the workflow.

If target application URLs are too dynamic, GRAVITY can’t calculate where the users should be navigated. If such a case occurs, the user is informed that the workflow can’t proceed, and he should contact the support team. The workflow navigation must be configured in the GRAVITY admin site.

Possible solutions

Solution1: Double check the workflow navigation settings in GRAVITY admin. If you are unsure about the settings, please contact GRAVITY help desk.


Solution2: Find a suitable target element, for the workflow step who is interrupting your workflow. Use the provide hints by GRAVITY who are indicating such optimal elements.

Solution 3: Split the workflow in question to two workflows. Describing each page separately. Use prefix in workflow names to logically connect them for your users.