Navigation mapping

Configuration defined on ‘Navigation mapping' tab is used by GRAVITY to calculate URL of the target web page and let users jump directly to the page where corresponding callout is available.

Such navigation to another page is useful when a workflow is placed on multiple pages and there is no element of the target application which allows to navigate to another page, or if a user wants to jump to a callout from the Dashboard.

If a target application uses dynamics URLs which contain object identifiers and other dynamic information configuration of navigation mapping is hardly possible. Therefor recommended solution is to do not add any rules there, which simply will disable navigation actions for end users to avoid redirects to not-existing or protected pages.

For applications with static URLs, the preferred option is ‘ABSOLUTE', i.e. use exact URL of the page where a callout was added initially.
REGEXP' option is useful for applications which have user’s identifier or other session-related information as a part of URLs. I.e. all the the regular expression groups of the current session will replace the corresponding groups in the initial callout’s URL.

'DOMAIN' rule helps in case if GRAVITY content is mirrored between UAT and production instances and even if a callout was initially created in the UAT instance users need to be redirected to the corresponding page in the production environment.

‘Expression' field can be used to apply the rule only for specific URLs. For example, if a user is working on page from UAT environment there might be a reason to do not do redirect to the production instance. In such configuration 'Mapping value’ could be empty, i.e. use the initial URL, or can be set to domain of the UAT instance, meaning force navigation to UAT page.

'PAGE' rule allows to redirect all the navigation requests to a specific page, for example to a knowledge base of the target application.