GRAVITY Beta Program

Beta features are the next step in a feature's lifecycle. If you see the Beta tag next to the feature, it means that the feature has been internally validated for a set of use cases and is ready for a first try in production. Although we hope that these beta program will work well for you, please bear in mind that it's still a beta version and may contain bugs.

Compared to the features released for General Availability, Beta features have less exposure to real-world conditions, so they may not be as stable or reliable yet.

Beta features are still considered experimental and will undergo an additional validation phase before they are released to all customers.

Compared to the features released for General Availability, Beta features:

  • Are not covered by SLA.

  • Have little or no documentation.

  • Must be manually enabled via Admin Site.

  • May change significantly based on customer feedback.

  • May be limited. May not cover all specific cases.

  • Involve regular contact with us to discuss usability, applicable use cases and your feedback.

Thanks for being a part of the GRAVITY beta program!

Beta testing is an important part of building software, and it helps us make sure that we're giving you the best possible experience. We value your feedback and want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate your participation in this process