Custom client configurations

Custom Client Configuration is used to apply various options that are intended to be used by a limited number of customers as workarounds or experimental features.

‘No origin’ mode

Useful if there is a proxy server between the client computer and the GRAVITY server that removes the 'origin' header, making it impossible to calculate the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header for requests with an empty referrer.

{ "noOriginMode": true }

Support of 'Shadow DOM'

‘Shadow DOM’ elements are currently only officially supported for Salesforce applications, but this feature can be enabled on other sites as well.

{ "allowShadowDOM": true }

Since version 1.23 support of Shadow DOM is enabled by default and can be deactivated on a site level

{ "disableShadowDOM": true }

Dynamic CSS for 'Shadow DOM'

Depending on which mode of ‘Shadow DOM' is used by the developers of the target application, GRAVITY may need to explicitly load all styles into the element structure to make hotspots visible on the screen. This can be achieved by activation of 'Dynamic CSS mode'

{ "dynamicCSSShadowDOM": true }

Dynamic Z-Indexes

All GRAVITY content is always displayed on top of all elements of the target application.
If a target application uses flyovers, this behavior causes Hotspots created on underlying layers to be displayed on top of flyovers. This behavior can be customized using dynamically computed indexes for GRAVITY content based on target element indexes.

{ "dynamicZIndex": true, "dynamicZIndexIncrement": 1 }