GRAVITY overview

GRAVITY is a user onboarding platform who helps companies keep their users up to date with the latest software-, processes-, regulations- and governance-updates.

GRAVITY is based on the “Behavior Design Modell” developed by Peaches Industries. This model is the underlying physiological concept behind GRAVITY.

High level architecture

GRAVITY contains three major elements (Figure 1):

  • GRAVITY Backend
  • GRAVITY Admin Site
  • GRAVITY Enabled Devices (Browser, Windows OS, IoT-Devices, Mobile)

The GRAVITY Enabled Devices are in Version 1 only web based application.

GRAVITY modules

In accordance to the “Behavior Design Modell”, GRAVITY has four modules who represents the four stages of user onboarding.


Discovery Module

Discovery Module is a User driven way to learn the app on the Job

Onboarding Module

Onboarding Module is a set of Goal Owner driven tools to pro-actively help and guides the user to make sense of the app or process. Also in that modules; measurement of user adoption, task and goals can be set and organized.

Productivity Module

The productivity module contains sets of tools for Users and Goal Owners to radically change any web application or process to be optimized for the company's productivity.

Mastery Module

Mastery Module creates a new user role of "MASTER" which allows autonomous learning and creating of content by the users themselves.

Architecture overview


GRAVITY is an overlay over data. GRAVITY does not interact with "data". In business terms, it has no vision what is displayed below. We produce an additional layer on top of the data using HTML tags as identifier.

We interact with the DOM Tree of the application, of course technically this holds production data but GRAVITY works with HTML Tags from the DOM Tree, which do not reflect any content!

GRAVITY is composed of two major components. The GRAVITY backend (hosting the data and providing the client-specific inject scripts) and the inject solution. Together these two components form a unbeatable duo providing your users the personal help system.


Our Java based backend provides a REST API and is either hosted On Premise or in a cloud (for security concerns check our Q+A).

This web application also provides an admin and a statistics interface which interact with GRAVITY's own data. This backend has no access to your company data.

You can see the requirements for a backend here.

Inject solution

At one point GRAVITY has to be initialized. This can be done in three major ways:

  1. Injection by browser plugin on "activated" URLs
  2. Direct code injection into client application as Javascript call
  3. Injection by application extension, e.g. with a SharePoint extension

After the initial call, the inject scripts will place an additional layer of information onto the application.