Release Notes - older

Version 1.24.0 – Dezember 2023

Product improvements

  • Improved integration with Shadow DOM-based elements & sites

  • (Checking the on-screen visibility of Hotspots in Edit mode) Announced on 1.25

Bug fixes

  • Fix for element selectors with special characters

  • Fix for Callout opening on scrolling

  • Fix for context menu styles isolation

  • Fixes for unexpected Callout rendering on switching mode

  • Fix for invalid Callout size on small screens

Version 1.23.0 – October 2023

New product features

'Quick Navigation' Callout Content Type

We're excited to announce a new feature in GRAVITY - the 'Quick Navigation' Callout Content Type. This innovative feature is designed to revolutionize your app navigation and enrich the user experience.

With 'Quick Navigation', GRAVITY-Callouts can be created incorporating a maximum of five buttons, all providing quick access to key components within the application. Not only do these buttons guide users seamlessly through the app, but they can also be stylized effortlessly. Users can leverage dynamically and harmonically calculated colors or opt for manually adjusting them to comply with specific brand guidelines.

Moreover, the flexibility provided by 'Quick Navigation' extends to app authors as well. They can design default settings for new users or curate overview callouts to influence user navigation effectively.

Our new 'Quick Navigation' Callout Content Type aims to simplify app navigation, facilitating an intuitive and efficient user experience throughout GRAVITY-powered applications.

Support for Inline URLs in Callout Text


Our latest upgrade to GRAVITYs Rich Text editor is the support for inline URLs in Callout text.

With the integration of this feature, GRAVITY Authors can now seamlessly embed URLs into any text within the Rich Text Editor of every Callout in GRAVITY. This capability opens a wide range of possibilities, paving the way for a more interconnected and resourceful in-app experience.

Whether you're aiming to link multiple websites, attach documents, or incorporate a host of references within a Callout, the Support for Inline URLs in Callout Text makes it a breeze. Users can instantly access resources directly, saving time and increasing efficiency.

This feature allows GRAVITY Authors to make each callout a gateway to knowledge and information.

Introducing "Configurable Hotspot Size"


The Configurable Hotspot Size allows users to define the size of Hotspots on each site, ensuring a perfect fit in any designated space. Moreover, with the advanced settings in edit mode (accessed by pressing the 'G' key while clicking on step 2 in GRAVITY edit mode), users can precisely adjust the size of individual Hotspots to create a tailored experience.

This added customization empowers GRAVITY authors to better adapt each Hotspot to suit the space available while maintaining ease of use. The "Configurable Hotspot Size" enhances both functionality and aesthetics within any GRAVITY-powered app, providing authors and readers alike with a premium experience.

Product improvements

  • Performance optimization of Hotspots placement

  • Reduced count of server requests for better performance

  • Allowed direct switch from Edit mode to Dashboard

  • Support of Shadow DOM is activated by default

  • Dynamically calculated Z-Indexes for Hotspots

  • Autologin on Microsoft 365 applications

  • Dynamically calculated Z-Indexes for Hotspots

Bug fixes

  • Fix for potentially wrong UI language in Preview mode

  • Fixed ordering of elements in the Callout Hub

  • Fix for URL watcher in Edit mode

  • Fix for persistence of last user mode state

  • Other minor UI and performance fixes

Version 1.22.0 – August 2023

New product features

Introducing the "Callout Hub"

We are excited to introduce a game-changing feature in GRAVITY - the Callout Hub (previously known as the "Hotspot Collector"). With the Callout Hub, managing your callouts has never been easier and more efficient.

Here's what's new with the Callout Hub:

Clear Overview of Callouts: Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to remember where each callout belongs. With the Callout Hub, you now have a better overview of which callouts are in the Announcement section and which ones are in the Information Dock. This gives you complete control and organization over your callouts which are not placed on the site.

Visibility of unplaceable Callouts: Wondering why some callouts can't be placed on a specific site. The Callout Hub has got you covered! Now, you can easily see which callouts cannot be placed on a particular site, allowing you to make informed decisions about their placement.

Custom Configurations for Information Dock: The Callout Hub also offers new configuration options for the Information Dock on the actual site you are working on. You can now set the name and icon of the Information Dock, tailoring it to match your site's brand or theme seamlessly.

Custom title and icon for the Information Dock

We have fulfilled a highly requested feature - the ability to configure custom titles and icons for the Information Dock. Now, you can easily personalize the appearance and branding of your Information Dock directly in the Callout Hub.

GRAVITY 1.22 Introduces User Object Audit Tracking!

Say goodbye to manual work and welcome accurate user activity statistics! Here's what you can expect from this release:

User Inactivity Time Tracking: With GRAVITY's advanced tracking capabilities, you now have the power to monitor user inactivity time. Gain insights into which users are inactive and take proactive measures to optimize their experience.

Automatic User Removal: No more manual effort required when users leave your organization. GRAVITY automates the process of removing inactive users, saving you time, and ensuring your user lists are always up to date.

Precise Statistics: By accurately tracking user object audits and removing inactive users automatically, GRAVITY provides you with more precise statistics. Make informed decisions based on reliable data to improve user engagement and achieve your goals.


Product improvements

Give a user both administrative and Goal Owner privileges

Beginning with version 1.22 you can assign a user as both an Administrator and a Goal Owner simultaneously. In previous versions, users had to choose between being an Administrator or a Goal Owner. This makes using GRAVITY, as a professional user, more convenient.

More Product improvements

  • Error-free testing of the user's token to avoid error messages on initialization

  • Displaying alert messages and Announcements only in the top frame to avoid issues with small frames

  • Security improvements of SSO

  • Performance optimization of login & initialization processes

  • Minor performance optimizations

  • Autologin on Symfact application

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Swagger API documentation

  • Fix for autologin on Microsoft Dynamics sites for users with multiple emails

  • Fix for Callout text styles on Salesforce sites

Version 1.21.0 – June 2023

New product features

SAML SSO Login for Admin Site (Beta version)

In our continuous efforts to provide you with a secure and efficient user experience, we have introduced a SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) login for the Admin site. This feature, currently in beta, allows you to seamlessly access the Admin site using your existing login credentials, eliminating the need for multiple logins and passwords..

New Tab in Site Configuration for Custom Client Configurations

To further improve your experience with GRAVITY, we have added a new tab in the Site Configuration section, which allows you to apply custom client configurations. This feature enables you to tailor the platform to your specific needs, ensuring a more personalized and efficient user experience.

Product improvements

Improved image viewer for additional images

We have also upgraded our image viewer, providing you with an enhanced visual experience. Now, pictures can be displayed in full screen, while the improved navigation and zoom capabilities offer a more immersive and detailed view of your additional images.


More Product improvements

  • Improved integration in iFrames to avoid hidden GRAVITY elements there

  • Improved Hotspot placement algorithms for indexed paths

  • Localization of Callout elements based on selected content language

  • Visualization of upload & validation errors for additional images

  • Visualization of Callout saving errors

  • WYSIWYG preview mode for Announcements

  • Improved image viewer for additional images

  • Re-designed 'Add to Workflow' dialog

  • Better auto opening of Callouts from the Dashboard to highlight the selected one

  • Optimized UI for creation of new Goals and Tasks

  • Migration of server code to Java 17

  • Improved client styles to reduce CSP issues

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Z-index positioning of Information Callouts

  • Fixed issues with changing & saving of content language

  • Fixed incorrect UI state if “adding to Workflow” is interrupted

  • Added missing localization for calendar control


Version 1.20.5 – May 2023

Product improvements

Added possibility to attach Callouts to clickable elements

We are pleased to announce a new feature that allows users to place callouts on clickable elements such as buttons, links and more.

This feature will allow users to provide additional context and information about these clickable elements, making it easier for users to understand what actions they can take and what information they will receive.

Added Possibility to Ignore iFrames Using CSS Class Name

Admins can now configure GRAVITY not to inject into iFrames by specifying a CSS class name in the ignore list.

This feature will allow users to exclude iFrames with a specific CSS class name from GRAVITY calculations. This is especially useful for elements like mail template generation and other ‘hidden' iFrames that should not be factored into GRAVITY’s calculations.



Version 1.20.0 – April 2023

New product features

Rich text editor for Callout content

We're thrilled to announce the 'GRAVITY Rich Text Editor'! With this new addition to the edit menu, you can now easily format your text. The Rich Text Editor offers a defined range of formatting options, including bold, italic, underline, bullet points and more. The font size can be defined in the admin site and user can only select between two additional sizes. So you are in control that all callouts comply with your corporate design.

Additional password-based protection of Edit mode

You want to be sure that your content is safe from unauthorized access, as this new feature allows you to ask for the user's password to protect your Edit mode. This ensures that only authorized users with the correct password can make changes to your content.

In the Security section of GRAVITY, you will find a dropdown menu that provides an additional layer of security.

Product improvements

Allow or disallow additional images

GRAVITY allows you now to activate or deactivate the "Additional Images" section in edit mode. This new feature gives you more control over the content creation process of your GRAVITY authors. Now you can easily add or remove the "Additional Images" section as needed.

Wait for IFrame initialization mode

"Wait for IFrame initialization mode" is a highly technical feature that optimizes how GRAVITY works on sites with different IFrames interconnected. While this feature is only needed during setup, it significantly improves how GRAVITY works seamlessly with your site's IFrames.

Brand new modern UI of Ring Menu

Introducing the new GRAVITY modern Ring Menu design! We've taken user feedback into account and optimized screen real estate usage to give you a better reading experience. In redesigning the edit menu, we improved and reordered content and callout settings in a more logical way.

The new design also presents the information in a more organized way and makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Additionally, we've improved how features work within the Ring Menu so that they're easier to access.

Multi-language content has been redesigned and re–coded to make it easier than ever before.

Finally, our iconic 1-4 step design has been compressed to only 3 steps. This will allow you to preview Callouts faster than ever before! Check it out now and see for yourself how much better this is.

Improved integration with Salesforce sites

GRAVITY's integration with Salesforce has been optimized for the new Salesforce features introduced lately. This will give you an experience like what you've had in the past.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed encoding of umlauts in statistic reports

  • Fixed language initialization on new DB instances

  • Fixes calculation of hotspots count in Admin site

GRAVITY Version 1.19.0 - 27.2.2023

New product features

Callout Activators (Beta)

This feature is asked for a long time, now it is here. With 'Callout Activators' you can change the behavior of Callouts to be displayed if certain dependencies are activated. Once the dependency is visible, the dependent Callout will be triggered as well.

'Callout Activators' allows you to display a Callout once certain conditions are met. For example, if a specific description or text is visible, or if a particular element is included in the section, the Callout will be displayed.

Callout Activators are designed to work with 'no coding needed'. Just attach 'Callout Activators' to your Callouts and the visibility of the Callout will have dependencies.


In this version we introduce new hotspot icons in edit mode to illustrate the difference between 'Callout Activator' -activated hotspots and those without.

'Callout Activators' can be activated in the general tab of the admin site.

The ‘Callout Activator’ feature is in Beta state. Please read our beta description to make sure it fits to your SLA.

Information Dock-only Callouts

In this version we are starting to upgrade the 'Lighthouse'. You can now place Callouts directly in the information dock (formerly called 'Lighthouse').

Information Dock-only callouts are handy for providing information that you want users to have at all times, but not when they’re in the midst of performing some action or following a process.

Once a Callout is marked to be displayed in the 'Information Dock', users can access it through two ways: The dock can be activated by clicking on a callout in the dashboard, or, you can access this information using the 'Information Dock' button, which has been added to GRAVITY's control panel.

You can activate your Callouts to be displayed in the 'Information Dock' through a checkbox on step 2 of the editing process.

Excel report for Callouts Statistics

To see the most detailed data about your callouts, you can now export all our information directly from your GRAVITY statistic page.

This report exports Callouts statistics as an Excel file from GRAVITY statistics overview. The report includes all your callout data, including a breakdown by user and applications. All of your data are available, regardless of you have set up Goals and Tasks for the Callouts.


Product improvements

  • Improved handling of Information Callouts in Edit Mode

  • Possibility to open Information Callouts from the Dashboard

  • Improved UI and behavior for Information Dock (ex-Lighthouse)

  • Possibility to import username while importing Audience members

  • Progress percentage value is replaced with an icon

Bug fixes

  • Fixed parsing of anchored URLs for checking against ignore list

  • Fixed unexpected line breaks in Callout title

  • Proper handling of 'finished' focused Goals

  • Fixes for Docker vulnerabilities

GRAVITY Version 1.18.0 - 23.1.2023

Product improvements

  • Migration of browser extensions to Manifest Version 3

  • Automatic deactivation of extension's debug mode after an hour

Bug fixes

  • Fixed parsing of anchored URLs for checking against ignore list

GRAVITY Extension 2.4.0 - 26.10.2022

  • Support the new URL blocking configurations methods introduced with GRAVITY 1.17

  • Change was made to modify logging to avoid usage of the term 'blacklisted' 


GRAVITY Version 1.17.0 - 24.10.2022

New product features

Statistics & Goal assignment for Information & Announcement Callouts

Information Callouts and Announcements can now be part of Goals. This allows you to assign a goal to a specific callout or announcement, as well as measure its effectiveness in the statistics.

Chaining of user's Audiences

In the past, you could manually move users out of an audience based on days. That feature is now expanded. After a user has reached the defined number of days in the audience, he can now be moved into another audience. This allows you to build chains of audiences in which you gradually show users more or other information.

Goals Appearance Mode: 'One by one'

GRAVITY Version 1.17 introduces a new mode for displaying Goals, called "One by One." The new drop-down in the Goals Dashboard lets you select this appearance mode. In older versions of GRAVITY, all Callouts of a Goal are displayed together, just like normal Callouts on a page. We call that mode now "All together." The new mode "One by One" will let Callouts appear one after another. Therefore, you can move Callouts up and down in the Goal’s list.

Goals Focus Mode: 'Automatic' & 'User' Focus

We're happy to announce another new feature in GRAVITY 1.17 release: Focused Goals.

With this release, you can now focus on a goal and only see the callouts connected with that goal. All other callouts are hidden from the page. This means that users will only see the callouts connected to a specific goal—for example, when they visit a page related to that goal or view it in a search result—until they complete the goal.

You can select your focus type from three options: no focus, focus on this goal's content, or manually started (with an additional button).


This feature opens many new use cases for microlearning sets. For example, you could create different microlearning sets for each department in your organization and then use them as part of their onboarding process!

Goals Date range: Callouts assigned to a Goal are visible only during date range defined for the Goal

From now on, you can define a date range for each individual goal. You can now set a start date and an end date for your goals so that the Callouts assigned to them will only be visible during those time periods.

This is a huge feature because it allows you to release Accountment without being present on the release date.

Possibility to configure Hotspot appearance count for Single Callouts

A new feature has been added that allows you to configure the appearance count of single callouts. This is a feature that was requested a lot, and we're happy to deliver!

Possibility to block sites using part of URL path or query parameters

In GRAVITY 1.17, we have added the ability to parse URLs in more detail and bring logic into the process.

We now have three options for entering a URL: “ENTIRE URL”, “PAGE”, and “CONTAINS in PATH” or “CONTAINS in PARAMS”.

You can enter the entire URL or just part of it—for example, if you want to block GRAVITY on all project pages, just enter the part of the URL that leads to the projects site and select “CONTAINS in PATH”. The same is true with the option “CONTAINS in PARAMS”; it relates to everything in an URL that comes after the “?”.

'DOMAIN' replacement option for navigation mapping configuration

A new feature has been added to the Navigation Mapping tool: the ability to replace domains in workflow steps. The “DOMAIN” option lets you replace domains URLs in workflow steps.

This is useful in cases where GRAVITY content is mirrored between UAT and production instances, or if a callout was initially created in the UAT instance and users need to be redirected to the corresponding page in the production environment. See the Wiki article for configuration guidelines.

Product improvements

  • Improved and simplified Dashboard UI

  • Highlighting of unavailable actions in preview mode using cursor icon

  • Highlighting of Callouts on mouse over in Fade mode

  • Automatic availability of GRAVITY based on screen size

  • Improved calculation of appeared count for Callouts with appearance count configured

  • Possibility for authors, to reset appeared count, for Callouts with appearance count configured, for all users.

  • Improved loading of images to avoid usage of unsafe CSP directives

  • List of supported language is reduced to 'English', 'German', 'French', 'Italian', and 'Spanish' with localized UI provided for these languages

  • Direct switch from user mode "On" to edit mode with a single click

  • Possibility to add images for newly created and not saved Callouts

Bug fixes

  • Synchronization of fade mode on multi-frame sites

  • Fixed an issue with multiply rendered Callouts if target element cannot be found anymore


Version 1.16.1 - 15.8.2022

Bug fixes

  • Improved automatic authentication on Microsoft Dynamics sites

  • Improved automatic authentication on Cornerstone sites

  • Fixes of logging of client-side errors

  • Fix for content language selection for Information callouts


Version 1.16.0 - 18.7.2022

New product features

Configurable chain of hotspot placement algorithms

With the beginning of GRAVITY Version 1.16 you cannot no longer assign one algorithm to one site. Instead, you can now add all algorithms to a site and define to order in which they should be applied if GRAVITY cannot find an element anymore. The algorithm chips can be reordered and checked, respectively unchecked, if you do not need a specific algorithm.

You will find the new algorithm function on the General Tab for each site.

Hints for target elements which work better as Workflow steps targets

If GRAVITY sees an element that could be uses as a workflow step with “Mouse click” we display it to you if you move your mouse over such an element. If you then decide to create a workflow step, we automatically set the Navigation to “Mouse click only”. Adding Workflows step will be clearer and faster since we can predict what will be the best configuration for the selected element.


Possibility to search for single callouts from the Dashboard

The search function in the dashboard now looks up single callouts as well.


A new default Dashboard search filter 'this Page'

To support the extended search function in Version 1.16 we introduce a new filter that shows help content on “this Page”. Prior to this version we used ‘this site’ to display what was on the actual site the user was looking on. From 1.16 on, we differentiate now between what you see on the open page ‘this Page’ and what is available on the entire site ‘this Site’. Which is within the boundaries of the site configuration in the GRAVITY admin site. While ‘this App’ might contains more sites the one.


Automatic authentication on ServiceNow sites

Now GRAVITY supports the user authentication (for Security level 0) on ServiceNow applications. The ServiceNow User Sync can be activated when the application type is set to ‘ServiceNow’.

Product improvements

  • Fade mode keeps hotspots fully visible

  • Added possibility to check that GRAVITY is already loaded on a page

  • Added support of JSF applications with delayed loading of 'body' element

  • Navigation from Dashboard is now allowed only for elements with static/calculated target URL

  • Modified Dashboard UI with collapsible filter panel

  • Improved hotspot placement for target elements containing long text

  • Optimization & improvements of hotspot placement algorithms

  • Rendered callout disappears if target element is no longer available/visible on the page

  • Support of private/protected Vimeo videos

  • Performance optimization of calculation of statistics

  • Performance optimization of searching & loading of callouts


Bug fixes

  • Fixes for issues with saving of callouts with embedded code

  • Fix for missing highlighting of elements with the specific styles applied

  • Improved isolation of styles of text editors inside of Ring Menu

  • Fixed delayed loading of GRAVITY inside of Microsoft Dynamics IFrames

  • Fix for automatically generated mouse click events which might have impact on target applications

  • Fixes for UI glitches of Goals panel

  • Fixes for Workflow visibility issues

  • Fixes for rendering of callouts in preview mode


Version 1.15.0 - 11.4.2022

New product features

Language Variations

There are situations when GRAVITY can’t find the correct element in multi languages environment. To overcome that issue, GRAVITY provided “Aliases” for such cases. With version 1.15 we provide a clean and intuitive way to assign such multilanguage hotspots.

Once activated, callouts in the hotspot collector can be assigned to another element on the site. Just right click and choose “Attach as language variation”, select the correct element and right click again, select “Paste as language variation”.

The Multi Language variations menu can be activated on site level.

New Workflow Option – Mouse click only

A new option is added to navigate to the next workflow step via click on site's element only. If that option is selected, the “next arrow” is removed and the message “click on the item” is displayed. So you can describe the action in the callout and then refer to it on the workflow step.

To select this option, navigate in the workflow step to edit step #2 and select “Mouse click only” in the “Navigation” drop down.

Always open at once

A new option is added to always open callouts regardless of their 'tracked' state. As a Goal Owner, you can now define those callouts who are marked as “open at once” will always automatically open. That applies even when the user has seen it already. That allows use cases where you want to display governance information at any time.


Hide the "Hotspot Collector"

In Version 1.15 we added the possibility to hide “hotspot collector” in Edit Mode. If an author has a lot of elements in the hotspot collector and can’t see what is behind the collector, he might close it now. If the edit mode is deactivated and reactivated again. The “hotspot collector” is displayed again.

Callout type is now visible in Edit Mode

In Edit Mode the authors now see what kind of callout they are editing. And NO, you can’t change the type right now. But you anticipated correctly, the radio buttons will be working shortly.

Automatic authentication on Microsoft Dynamics sites

Now GRAVITY supports the user authentication (for Security level 0) on the Microsoft Dynamics application. The Microsoft Dynamics User Sync can be activated when the application type is set to “Dynamics”.

Product improvements

  • Hotspot placement algorithms are updated to use element labels as potential anchors

  • New implementation of alert dialogs

  • Improved usability of Ring Menu & hotspot collector on small iFrames

  • Optimization and improvements of hotspot placement algorithms

  • New implementation of confirmation dialogs

  • Improvements to better support Microsoft Dynamics sites

  • Improved UI of hotspot collector in Edit mode

  • Improvements of 'Debug' mode output

  • Automatic user authentication on new versions of SAP SuccessFactors sites

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with collector which might lead to duplication of 'Global' hotspots shown there on iFrame-based sites

  • Fixed an issue with styles isolation of 'Goals & Tasks' Ring Menu items and on Dashboard panel

  • Deactivated drag and drop function for hotspots rendered in the collector

  • Fixed an issue with calculation of site identifier on DOMAIN-activated sites

  • Fixed an issue which prevented displaying of GRAVITY context menu on some elements

  • Fixed format for dates shown in Ring Menu and Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue with wrong encoding of description field in specific cases

  • Fixed an issue which caused reset of Audience assignment while changing of hotspot position

  • Fix for missing hotspots in User mode on sites with nested iFrames


Version 1.14.9 - 21.01.2022

New product features

Possibility to reset position of moved hotspots to the initial point

Sometimes when you move a created hotspot from its origin position, it will be moved behind an object on the page. If you let go the mouse button, the hotspot will not be accessible anymore. GRAVITY will not show that hotspot in the ‘Hotspot Collector’ since that hotspot is on the site but just not visible anymore. In that case you can now reset the hotspot to its original position by looking up that hotspot in the admin site and press the ‘reset position button’ (screen shot red square).

Possibility to force hotspot to be shown in Lighthouse

If a hotspot cannot be attached stable enough to an element because that element is not always visible but needs to be visible to the user at any time, you are now able to force that callout to be shown in the lighthouse. Lookup the callout in the admin site and press ‘Show in lighthouse’ (screen shot blue square).

That callout will now be presented to the user in the lighthouse, even though the site element is available on the site.

Product improvements

  • Deep integration with BSI CRM to support built-in caching used by the CRM

  • Additional hotspot placement and rendering improvements to support BSI CRM

  • Removed possibility to save a hotspot with a Goal assigned but without selection of a corresponding Task

  • Refactoring of server modules to avoid usage of Log4J library at all

Bug fixes

  • Improved generation of email notifications for hotspots shown in Lighthouse

  • Fixed inheritance and usage of 'Enforce' flag for hotspots with a Goal and a Task assigned

  • Removed duplicated server requests on IFrame-based sites

  • Fixed calculation of PATH hotspot mapping on URLs ending with slashes

  • Minor UI improvements of 'Add to Workflow' screen

  • Removed obsolete 'Callout Color' option for Informational and Announcement hotspots

Version 1.14.7 - 22.11.2021

Product improvements

  • Improved integration with BSI CRM sites

  • Improved integration with modal dialogs on SAP SuccessFactors sites

  • Improved management of visibility of GRAVITY content on sites with dynamic DOM structure

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with multiline text in callout's text

  • Fixed issues with unexpectedly shown additional hotspots while having active workflow in progress

  • Fixed an issue with availability of ON/OFF button in disabled state

  • Minor styles & isolation improvements

Version 1.14.6 - 12.10.2021

New product features

Automatic authentication on BSI CRM applications

Now GRAVITY supports the user authentication (for Security level 0) on the BSI CRM application. The BSI CRM User Sync can be activated when the application type is set to “BSI”.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with positioning of hotspots using algorithm 'last element'.

Version 1.14.5 - 30.9.2021

New product features

  • New algorithm type for hotspot placement added: 'last element'

Product improvements

  • Improved CORS policy for font files

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with isolation of some of Font Awesome styles

  • Fixed an issue with visibility of opened callouts on Single Page Applications

Version 1.14.4 - 13.9.2021

Product improvements

  • Isolation of jQuery UI styles

Version 1.14.3 - 8.9.2021

New product features

Configuration of visibility of lighthouse in user/edit modes

The visibility of the «Lighthouse» can be configured on site level. The «Lighthouse» visibility in the user mode, as well in the edit mode (Hotspot collector), can be set now.

New 'exact path' algorithm for hotspot placement

A new algorithm type is available for the placement of hotspots. The “'exact path'-algorithm” saves a longer DOM path and provides more stable results on some applications.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed invalid sites' cache after removal of an application

Version 1.14.2 - 23.7.2021

Product improvements

Possibility to remove users from an audience automatically after specified period of time

If «auto remove» is activated in a particular audience, each member can only stay, in that group for, for the defined number of days. That setting let you build audiences for “new hire” or “New to this app users” use cases.

Possibility to export users from an audience as Excel file

All members of an audience can now be exported into a Microsoft Excel file. That file can be modified and later imported again.

Possibility to import users to an audience from Excel file

The exported and alter Excel file can be imported with different options:

Replace all: This option deletes the whole existing list and replace the list with the data in the Excel File. Use it when you removed and/or added users from the list (Excel file).

Create missing: If new users are added in the Excel-File, use that option to add these users to the audience.

At the end there is the check box “allow creation of new users”. Leave this box unchecked if the Excel file list, you import, should contain only existing users. In the case, this option prevents that typo in your Excel file results in new users. Check this box if you want to create users upfront and add them to an audience.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused freezing on some iFrame-based sites

Version 1.14.1 - 13.7.2021

New product features

  • Improved automatic authentication on SharePoint sites

Bug fixes

  • Fixed isolation issue for a dropdown component

Version 1.14.0 -  1.6.2021

New product features

Trusted domains

The GRAVITY admin site can be configured to be access from trusted domains only.  That prevents cross-site-request. If value is set, all admin-only requests contain response header which strict access to response only for those domains.

Antivirus Scan and inject protection for all file uploads

Admin Site: Allow only specific file extension (.gsj). Do not send files with not supported extension to the server, just show an error toast. Check file size (<=100 MB).

Server side: Server: add response headers for export files:

  • services/config/export/site/

  • services/filestorage/

Server side and Inject Script: Server: protection for image files. Check file size (<=1 MB) / do antivirus check, if configured / check extension before saving in db (jpeg, jpg, png, gif) / check magic bytes before saving in db (jpeg, jpg, png, gif):

  • common_config/dashboard_image

  • common_config/gravity_control_description_image

  • services/hotspot/%ID%/image

Inject Script: protection for pdf files: allow only pdf extension, do not send files with not supported extension, check file size (<=10 MB)

Antivirus Scan added as a base service for SaaS and OnPrem customers. Anti-Virus Scan can be activated under Settings ->  Admin Sites -> Antivirus

Configuration of availability of embedded code for callouts

The availability of callout type “Text and embed code” can be activated/deactivated on site level. If deactivated, the callout type “Text and embed code” is grayed out and and has a mouse over callout explaining why that specif callout type is not available here on that site.

Login to GRAVITY Admin Site can be used with Two Factor Authentication

The GRAVITY Admin Site can now be protected by 2 Factor Authentication. Detailed instruction are available in the Wiki.

Password for Admin Site Access login needs to have a minimum complexity

What will be expected for all GRAVITY admin users who needs to login to the GRAVITY Admin site is: Length >= 12, at least one Upper Case letter, at least one Lower Case letter, at least one special character, at least one number.

Session timeout for Admin site can be set

To protect the Admin site from unwanted access, the open session will close itself automatically when the administrator is not working on the configuration anymore. The default value is 30min. The length of the session time out value can be changed under Settings ->  Admin Sites -> Session Timeout.

Product improvements

  • Improved validation of session cookies on server side

  • Improved protection of session cookies on client side

  • Details of server side errors were hidden from end users

  • Configured restrictions for allowed files for import/upload

  • Improved configuration of browser's caching strategies

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with not working filtering of objects' lists

  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.13.3 - 5.5.2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity for aliases

  • Fixed an issue with import of site's configuration for existing sites

Version 1.13.2 - 24.3.2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Font Awesome and Beezy customizations for SharePoint which leads to a situation that hotspots were not displayed correctly on some site designs/styles. The cause was an issue with Font Awesome overrides due to page styles. 

Version 1.13.1 - 10.3.2021

Product improvements

  • A newer version of the base Docker image is used to solve known vulnerability issues.

  • Reduced server's logs level. Only WARN+ by default, which allows an easy way to configure the appropriate level in the docker environment.

  • The current server version is now added to the default output - when the server is starting up. This info will be helpful to investigate support requests.

Version 1.13.0 - 24.02.2021

New product features

GRAVITY control can display an onboarding help text

If users get added automatically (Sync Mode «On» & Security Level 0) for the first time, an onboarding help text can be displayed. That text can be defined for all active languages. You will find that setting under Settings -> Gravity control description. The GRAVITY control displays a (Multi Language) Single Callout with the corresponding text.

Workflow Time Out

Workflows now have a time out. The time out is defined in minutes. If a workflow step remains open (is not clicked further) during the defined time out, the workflow is canceled. For this user, the workflow is then considered as not started. So, if the first workflow step is marked as "Auto Open", the user will now be shown the first step again.
However, if the user leaves the page within the defined Time Out and later navigates back to the page, he will be shown the current status of his workflow.
The Time Out time in minutes can be defined under Settings in the GRAVITY Admin page. The default setting is five minutes.

Restrict access to the dashboard

The visibility of the dashboard access can be configured per site. Authors and goal owners can still use the dashboard. Normal users, on the other hand, do not see the dashboard function. The dashboard can also be disabled completely in case no goals, tasks or statistics are used.


Cornerstone Support

The SaaS application "Cornerstone" is now supported with "User Sync". This means that "Cornerstone" can be used to identify users and is available as a GRAVITY app type.

Product improvements

First and last workflow steps are visually recognizable

The first and last steps are grayed out accordingly. So that it is visually clear to the user that the workflow does not continue.

Site URL Watcher – Detection of new URL if in-app routing is used

Some web application has mechanics that switches URL without loading the whole site. In that case, when a page is not completely reloaded but URL is changed GRAVITY is not reinitialized and content from the previous page is shown.
When an application uses such in-app routing, in the site configuration, “Site URL Watcher” can be activated, in the “General” tab of each site configuration. With the “Site URL Watcher” activated GRAVITY recognize such passive URL changes and makes sure the corresponding information is loaded.

Scrolling position calculation method

We tweaked the method to calculate the scrolling position of a workflow step in long sites. If objects have relative positions, we add an additional algorithm which calculates the position on such sites. The method can be switched for each site configuration on the “general” tab.

More improvements

  • Support for private SSL/TLS certificates for outgoing mail server

  • Support of SMTP connections restricted to TLS 1.2

  • Improved isolation of the translation function when GRAVITY is used together with Beezy for SharePoint.

  • Workflow steps without "user confirmation" are considered 'done' (for statistics) when all steps have been done as of 1.13.

  • The export and import function now also support workflows. Previously only callouts, announcements and information callouts were exported. The "Hotspot URL replacement" during import now also supports workflows.

  • Support for "Font Awesome 5".

  • Reset for all users" in Edit Mode - step 2 now also resets the "display counter".

  • Site configuration now also supports "," (comma) as part of the URL.

  • Negative window size no longer leads to "invisible" callouts.

  • Handling of empty login parameters is changed. If user login information is empty during autologin, we don't send any server requests just log that email is empty and autologin is not possible.

  • The Announcement position on the screen is changed from centered to top of the screen. That makes it easier to place bigger images on different screen sizes and different browser view scaling.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevents changing the date of a Goal after the initial setting.

  • Fixed a server crash when sending an URL contains a comma sign. Now comma sign is replaced with encoded version before sending

  • When deleting a Goal, the correct Goal name is displayed in the alert window

  • Fixed a bug the prevents the server from starting on MariaDB Version 10.5.8

  • Fixed a bug, where the pulse color definition switches back to "default" when changing "Control Setting" "Visibility mode"

Version 1.12.10 - 24.02.2021

1.12.20 Info

That version is only needed when running into issues with 1.13.0 issues. Please see the respective knowledge base article.

Product improvements

  • Fixed uncontrolled caching of resources by browsers 

Version 1.12.7 - 6.1.2021

1.12.7 Info

This version is only available for Oracle on Docker Hub:

docker pull gravityglobaldev/gravity-server-oracle:1.12.7

We made this build as a hot-fix for a specific case/customer. The improvement around Dashboard button visibility on the GRAVITY control will be available in the next GRAVITY version (1.13) for all versions. The settings of the dashboard button can then be fine tuned in the GRAVITY Admin site.

Product improvements

  • Dashboard button on the GRAVITY control is only visible for content owners. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which prevented showing the 'GRAVITY control description' onboarding information to automatically added users. The  'GRAVITY control description' can be found in the GRAVITY admin site → Settings →  'GRAVITY control description'.

Version 1.12.6 - 21.12.2020

Product improvements

  • Improved isolation of localization functions for compatibility with Beezy customizations for SharePoint.

  • Workflow items without 'Needs user confirmation' option from now on will marked as done on navigation to the next step.

Version 1.12.5 - 8.12.2020

This version contains also version 1.12.4 which provides CSS styles isolations for the GRAVITY control for one specific case and application. That update was only provided to customer with that specific issue.

New product features

  • New hotspot mapping type - 'Regexp Group'

Product improvements

  • Improved mouse clicking event handling and styles isolation for SAP Ariba

  • Better styles isolation for Dashboard

  • Improved logging of SMTP service

Bug fixes

  • Missing languages are added for Oracle version

  • Fixed detection of the first hotspot in a sequence

  • Fix for styles isolation for GRAVITY control

Version 1.12.3 - 13.10.2020

Product improvements

  • 'Config endpoint' mode of Admin Site now can be activated right from Admin Site (Documentation)

  • Possibility to import CA certificates to Docker container from a mounted folder (Documentation)

Bug fixes

  • Hotspot sequence will not be shown in Dashboard if they are limited to an audience

  • Improved initialization on iframe-based sites

Version 1.12.2 - 1.09.2020

Product improvements

  • Possibility to enable 'config endpoint' admin UI via URL

Bug fixes

  • Fix for empty lighthouse for iframe-based sites where global template hotspots are used

  • Fix for race conditions during initialization on iframe-based sites

Version 1.12.1 - 21.08.2020

New product features

  • New hotspots import option - 'Add only missing hotspots'

Product improvements

  • 'Replace all' import option now removes hotposts missing in the file

Bug fixes

  • Fix for unexpectedly activated debug mode

  • Fix for text matching algorithm for Aliases

Version 1.12.0 - 28.5.2020

New product features

  • New site option is added to open next workflow step in a new tab

  • Export & Import for site configuration and hotspots

  • New site option to automatically activate GRAVITY when page is loaded

  • User-specific settings to store preferred content language

  • Possibility to upload PDF files as "Read more" content for hotspots

  • Debug mode for client side operations (ctrl + alt + D to activate and deactivate)

  • User-specific settings to share personalized settings between sessions and devices

Product improvements

  • Possibility to deactivate GRAVITY for a site in Edit mode (multiple hotspot collector in iFrames scenarios)

  • Improved CSS isolation

  • Improved processing of specific jQuery selectors

  • Redesign the closing of the preview in edit mode.

  • Add "SameSite=None" to NewCookie for GRAVITY admin site

  • [SAP SuccessFactors]: aliases not working on all courses page

Bug fixes

  • Missing not null constraint for email is added

  • Improved initialization on iframe-based sites

  • [Microsoft EdgeHTML] Announcements with pictures, the horizontal scrollbars is not always visible anymore

Version 1.11.8 - 13.3.2020

Product improvements

  • Improved support of main navigation bars on Salesforce sites

  • Improved security attributes for cookies (Google Chrome 80 - Same Site)

Bug fixes

  • Proper error message when user can't be authenticated because of the blacklisted email domain

Review the customer mail information about that release

Version 1.11.7 - 20.2.2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error with modification of hotspot's mappings and tests

Version 1.11.6 - 26.2.2020

Product improvements

  • Better automatic authentication on Salesforce sites

Bug fixes

  • Proper error message when user can't be authenticated because of the blacklisted email domain

Version 1.11.5 - 23.1.2020

New product features

  • Possibility to create hotspots which are visible on all pages of a site (Global Templates)

Product improvements

  • Better styles isolation for specific sites

  • Better support of entity details pages on Salesforce

Bug fixes

  • Fix CSP processing for Domain-based configuration

  • Fix for limited column size for site's configurations

  • Fix for processing of intersite communication for iframes

Version 1.11.4 - 14.12.2019

Product improvements

  • Multi Language hotspot support of Salesforce (Winter 20) navigation

  • Callout edit: Step 2 including fold out panel act responsive on smaller screens

  • Admin site: New "user picker control" for adding users. Appears in "Audiences" and "Content Owners"-Tab in Sites.

  • Admin site: When switching deafult languages; not used languages can't be deleted while not all Goals, Task, Audiences and Workflows are translated in to the new default language

Version 1.11.3 - 16.11.2019

New product features

  • Automatic user authentication on Haufe Umantis sites

Product improvements

  • Support of MySQL version 8

  • Improved automatic user authentication on SAP SuccessFactors sites

Bug fixes

  • Fix for hotspot filter style issue on Admin site for IE & Edge

Version 1.11.2 - 25.10.2019

Product improvements

  • Better integration with the latest version of Salesforce sites (Winter 20)

Bug fixes

  • Applications created with empty names caused issues on Admin site

Version 1.11.1 - 30.09.2019

New product features

  • Automated population for Audiences based on automapping configuration and user's email address

  • Separated hotspot mapping configuration for templated hotspots

  • Automatic user authentication on Salesforce sites

  • Possibility to inject GRAVITY scripts on CSP-enabled sites

Product improvements

  • Better integration with Salesforce sites

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for navigation on iframe-based sites

  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Version 1.10.4 - 20.08.2019

Bug fixes

  • Fix for SAP SuccessFactors integration

Version 1.10.3 - 16.08.2019

Bug fixes

  • Fix styles for Dashboard

  • Fix for goal linking to an audience issue

Version 1.10.2 - 13.08.2019

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Allowed Domains configuration issues

Version 1.10.1 - 08.08.2019

Bug fixes

  • Fix Javascript errors in Edge

  • Improve styles for control & dashboard

Version 1.10.0 - 31.07.2019

New product features

  • Color schemas for main GRAVITY elements

  • Resizeble GRAVITY control

  • Possibility to blacklist subset of sites and do not inject GRAVITY there

  • Support of Oracle database as a storage

Product improvements

  • Proper navigation to a page for iframe-based pages

  • Proper usage of single lighthouse on iframe-based pages

  • Proper navigation to a hotspot for iframe-based pages

  • Possibility to modify not visible hotspots in edit mode

Bug fixes

  • Fix for copying of translation from a wrong step

  • Fix for page scrolling to make callout visible

  • 'Got it' button was missing in lighthouse

  • Server side validation for duplicated names for workflows

  • Server side validation for empty login

  • Fix for duplicated data in the Dashboard

  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Version 1.9.1 - 14.05.2019

New product features

  • Possibility to select element matching algorithm for a site

Product improvements

  • Navigation from the dashboard for specific hotspots on iframe-based sites

  • Minor usability improvements of Administration site

Bug fixes

  • Better isolation of GRAVITY specific styles

  • Fix for hash calculation issues for some specific sites

Version 1.9.0 - 25.03.2019

New product features

  • Bidirectional linking of sequence callouts to clickable page elements

  • Possibility to track visibility of callouts for dynamic content

  • Support of iframe-based pages

  • Multilingual configuration of 'read more' links

Product improvements

  • Proper detection of new users and showing of onboarding announcement

  • Better positioning of callouts after automated scrolling to content

  • Minimal support of Italian and French languages

  • Blocking of UI elements for long-running and not supported operations

Bug fixes

  • Better isolation of jQuery library

  • Fix for database locking issue

Version 1.8.2 - 31.01.2019

New product features

  • Injection to SharePoint Modern UI pages using extension

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with mappings for pages end with multiple system symbols in URL

  • Better layout for onboarding message with not configured data

  • Fixed the issue with configuration of image for onboarding message

Version 1.8.1 - 14.01.2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with creation of new Tasks and Goals

  • Fixed positioning of zoomed images

Version 1.8.0 - 04.01.2019

New product features

  • Support for pre-defined configurations for hash and navigation mappings

  • Navigation to single and sequential hotspots from the Dashboard

  • Foldable GRAVITY control

Product improvements

  • Possibility to add hotspots to inactive elements

Bug fixes

  • Better auto positioning of multi-language callouts

  • Fix for server issue for configurations with a slash at the end

Version 1.7.2 - 19.11.2018

New product features

Product improvements

  • Support for specific usecases for non-disclosable client
    URL comparison now trims trailing slashes

Bug fixes

Lighthouse - Readmore button size adapted to existing buttons
Lighthouse - Repositioned close button

Version 1.7.1 - 16.10.2018

New product features

  • Automatic authentication using data from integrator application

Product improvements

  • Improvements of positioning of hotspots on large elements

  • Read more button for new Lighthouse elements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a case when password can be saved unhashed

  • Fix for cleanup of search results on Dashboard

  • Fix for configuration of pulse colour

  • Fix for changing admin password issue

Version 1.7.0 - 24.09.2018

New product features

  • Side bar for Lighthouse

  • User onboarding for GRAVITY control via Announcement

  • Notifications for content owners if a callout goes to Lighthouse

Product improvements

  • Automatic authentication on SP Modern UI pages

  • Automatic transition of default localization to new languages

Bug fixes

  • Fix for GRAVITY crash when hotspot is added to Modern UI SP Gear menu