Gravity explained

On or off?

Note that information hotspots are always shown, also when GRAVITY is off.

At multiple occasions we have been asked, when is GRAVITY activated and when not? Well, good question. Gravity is automatically activated under these conditions, in any other case, the new browser location will have gravity turned off. If GRAVITY should be on or off is checked when the location of the browser changes (the URL). If the URL does not change, on/off state is not checked.

  1. The new location is the next step of a workflow.
  2. The new location is home of a hotspot which has enforce callout function enabled.

Additionally GRAVITY stays on on domains which have been visited and GRAVITY has been turned on. We remember the GRAVITY on state per domain per session.

But why?

The help system is on demand. If the user needs help he can look for it, but we do not push it.