On Premise server requirements

There are two options how to deploy GRAVITY on-premises, either on a Java Runtime or as a Docker container (same memory specs).

GRAVITY needs a database and a java runtime to work.


platform independent

min. 768MB RAM

open port 443 and 80

running jar file

JRE 1.8+

reachable from clients which will use GRAVITY

db user

db password

db uri or host and port

MariaDB, MySQL 8 or Oracle DB (12.2+)

empty db

If you host a custom config server too, it needs to be within reach of clients and server of course.


Docker containers are available on Docker Hub. There are two versions published: GRAVITY app and Maria DB in two containers. GRAVITY app and Maria DB in one container.

Configuration requirements

To prepare for configuration (either by Gravity Global AG or yourself), look up the following items and document them properly for Gravity Global AG and yourself!

For better understanding, we are using a fictional company called

Item to noteExample for

A list of URLs on which GRAVITY shall be enabled
If you wish to enable it for domains ( make sure to either state it explicitly or name exclusions


An URL where the users will need to go to start GRAVITY (first time)
An SMTP user and password, it will be used to send notification mails from the backend
An e-mail address user can turn to when they have